Thai T. Nguyen, CPA Inc. is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) firm that provides a wide range of services

including tax preparation, tax planning, tax projection, and accounting services for individuals and small businesses in the Bay Area, California.

We dedicate ourselves to providing you quality services for your individual taxes, business taxes, and accounting needs. Our services range from tax preparation, tax planning, to business consulting. Our certified tax professionals are here to help you handle any complex tax matters.

Have you received complicated stock options plan from your employers such as RSU, ESPP,...? Do you have multiple investment accounts such as interests, dividends, crypto-currency transactions,...? Do you have in state, out of state, multi-state rental property income? If so, we can help you. We have had many years of experience in helping hundreds of clients to save on their taxes by properly reporting the stock sales, cost basis, and other deductions. We help take the necessary deduction and credit to make sure you do not overpay your investment or rental income taxes. We file the necessary State taxes for each unique situation. We develop tax planning to reduce your overall individual tax or business tax liabilities in each scenario.

We assess all aspects of your personal taxes or business taxes. We provide tax advice on tax-saving strategies to minimize the tax you owe while staying within the scope of law and regulations. We have the knowledge of effective tax preparation, which will benefit you and your business by saving your hard-earned money.

We want to save you time and money. We want you to have more time with your family and do things you enjoy. By picking up your documents or allowing you to upload them at your leisure securely, we make sure your tax preparation and tax planning processes are easy, simple, and convenient.

We  understand that each situation is unique. Please give us a call/text at 408-990-5467 or email us at to discuss more about your tax and accounting needs and see how we can help you.

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