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  • Have you received complicated stock option plans from your employers (RSU, ESPPs, etc.)?

  • Have you received stock option plans from employers prior to IPO, IPO, and after IPO?

  • Do you have multiple investment accounts (interests and dividends), K1, or rental income?

  • Do you own or trade cryptocurrency?

  • Do you have out-of-state or foreign properties or income?

If so, we can help you. We have had many years of experience in helping hundreds of clients to save on their taxes by properly reporting the stock sales, cost basis, and other deductions. We develop tax plans to reduce your overall individual tax or business tax liabilities in each scenario.

We are reliable and experienced accountants in preparing taxes for stock-based compensation employees, real estate investors, and more. Our Certified Public Accountant firm keeps tabs on revisions to the tax laws by continuing our education; therefore, our methods are always up to date. We will ensure you will not be subject to any interests and penalties.

We are licensed to prepare and e-filed federal and state tax returns.  We provide IRS notice response assistance and representation in IRS examinations. We offer audit protection for our work. Our services include:

  • Individual tax preparation

  • Gift tax return 

  • Full year resident tax return (Form 1040)

    • Stock based compensation tech worker (w2, 1099)

    • Various stock option plans (ISOs, ESPP)

    • Restricted Stock (RSUs)

    • Crypto-currency

  • Part time resident / Non-resident tax return​ (Form 1040NR)

  • Multi state tax return (All 50 States)

  • Real estate investors

  • Rental properties

    • 1031 exchange

  • Foreign Incomes

  • Amendment of prior year return

  • Resolve back tax liabilities 

  • Set up payment plans installment

  • IRS, Franchise Tax Board or any taxing authorities notices

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