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  • Haven't filed taxed in years?
  • Filed incorrect returns? Need to amend?
  • Have you received IRS notices or State Audit?
  • Payroll taxes problems? Employment taxes issues? Tax clean up?
  • Didn’t file Form 941 tax returns for various quarters.

  • Didn’t file Form 940 tax returns for various years.

  • Did file the required IRS payroll tax returns, but didn’t have the money to pay the tax.

  • Do you owe back taxes? 
  • Do you owe payroll taxes?
  • Have IRS placed liens on your pay check?
  • Owe IRS lots of money? Need an installment plan?
  • Need more time to pay your taxes?
  • Need payroll and sales tax representation at audit?
  • Have been contacted by the IRS or receive a State Audit?
  • Or other tax problems?
Do not worry! With years of experiences in IRS and State audits, we can help you resolve your tax issues quickly. Call 408-990-5467 for a free consultation. 
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